Sean Currens and Liz Sims are the minds behind Steamer Lane Design. In a workshop a few blocks from the ocean in Santa Cruz, CA, Sean and Liz design and build hand-crafted goods out of sustainably-sourced wood.

Inspired by forests, driftwood and wild places, Sean and Liz channel their passion for design, woodworking and the outdoors into unique and functional products. These include laser cut magnets, keychains, ornaments and bottle openers carried in gift shops and parks throughout the United States.

Steamer Lane Design is built on the ethos that the way things are made and the materials they are made from matter. We are proud to build our products in a manner that reflects and respects the natural beauty, strength and versatility of wood, while keeping our prices in-line with products mass-manufactured overseas.

When viewed up close or held in hand, the quality, durability and detail of our products are what set them apart. Every item comes from a small batch and every item is inspected by hand.

Please contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with a quote for your project!